The Challenge is On

Are you a Queen Mary University Student?

Do you have a Business Idea or you want to develop your entrepreneurial mindset and business skills?

Good news! New Year brings new opportunities: QMBES is launching an exclusive Entrepreneurship Competition and we are offering a 500£ prize to the winner!

Already have a team? Sign up to the competition now here! If you don't have an idea or a team yet, it's not a problem: Come to the workshops, meet like-minded individuals, get inspired or join a team!

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How Does It Work?

Step 1: Join

All Queen Mary Students can join, either as an individaul looking forward to form or join a team, or as an already formed Team.

Step 2: Attend Workshops

Our Workshops will cover different fundamental topics, such as idea formation and validation, financials, team building annd pitching.
In particular you will:

1. Learn ways and utilise tools to help you come up with business ideas
2. Hear and get support from successful entrepreneurs
3. Find out how to apply to the competition and what the judges are looking for
4. Get feedback and support to develop your idea
5. Meet like-minded students and form your ideal team

Dates: 13th February next event/workshop. More details and dates soon.

Step 3: Compete

Pitch in front of a panel of expert judges from different industry backgrounds. A unique opportunity to get exposure, build your cv with new skills, validate your idea, and win 500£!

Final pitiching rounds should be held in March. Dates TBC. Follow us on Instagram, Apply now and get all the updates!

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